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Greetings and thank you for visiting my website for Free-Jet and L.A.B.: two products that no HO slot car racer's pit box should be without! Read below for more specifics and ordering information.

Advanced Slot Car Racing Oil

Free-jet is a low viscosity lubricant that yields extremely low surface friction. It has the highest lubricity of any light oil and is race proven and long lasting. It is plastic compatible, non-conductive, and is suitable for all chassis bearing points including the armature. It will not contaminate the brushes or foul the commutator.


Liquid Arm Bushing

L.A.B. is a medium viscosity lubricant that has all the characteristics and versatility of Free-Jet but is best suited for use on armature shaft bearing points. It bonds to working surfaces, is very long lasting, and will not break down or wear away even under the most strenuous racing conditions.

Free-Jet and L.A.B. were used by:

The 2003-2008 Fray Championship teams
The 2003-2008 Fray Individuals Champions
The 2004-2007 QCQ Championship teams
The 2004-2007 QCQ Individuals Champions

The 2004-2007 VHORS T-jet Shootout Championship teams
The 2004-2007 VHORS T-jet Shootout Individuals Champions

Here are some testimonials from slot car racers in the Free-Jet "fan club":

"After I have done all the components to fine tune a tjet chassis I then add a drop of your oil to all the right places on the chassis and the car gets that last piece of crank to add power and glide." - Kevin

"I have been very happy with the results I am getting with Free-Jet. This oil really makes a difference!" - Eric

My experience with Free-jet has been a positive one. It seems to last longer than other products and if you over-oil, it does not gum up the comm. Great product, would highly recommend." - Hiram - Players Raceway, Westminster, MD

"I'm using Habby's Free-Jet now, it's better than anything I have found to date. It's pretty slick... you oughta try some." - JG

"After using both of your oils on this car, I noticed that it was running a bit cooler, and didn't have to oil the arm as soon as previously nescessary! Thanks so much!" - Bryan Birtwell - San Pedro Speedway, Palominas, AZ

"Got your oil at the shootout and am pleased with the performance and ease of use with the applicators." - Henry Harnish

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